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    As I write this I am completely distracted. I am distracted by my chaotic apartment. I am distracted by my own thoughts. I am distracted by my son, who moments earlier was completely enthralled with his boyish anime computer game, but has now decided he needs my full attention. I ask him to please wait. I am distracting by a beeping oven...the pizza's done. My son informs me that the oven is beeping. Grr. I get up. I serve my cutie a slice of pizza and sit back down. He proceeds to whine about how spicy pepperonis are, then starts telling me a story about eating pizza. I give up. And laugh out loud. I am reminded constantly that life is to be taken lightly, no matter how serious I try to make  it.

    I've been incredibly distracted lately. Mostly because I am anxious. I don't feel the least bit settled where I am. Those who know me well know why. But for everyone else I will be annoyingly vague. I am patiently waiting for the next phase in my life to get going. Don't get my wrong, I'm not depressed. Quite the opposite. I'm excited. I'm READY. I've never felt so ready for life to start moving on up to where my heart knows it will eventually be. But I must be patient. I know there's a reason for this played out, overdone transition in my life. Over the weekend my family and I lazed around the house. We played games, watched TV, and spent time outdoors. My husband finally got around to changing out the soil in our avocado tree plant. The kids helped and I decided to just sit back and watch (and take pictures of course.) I was struck with a revelation when my husband had my four year old son stand beside the avocado tree. We planted the seed of an avocado in a small pot a little over 2 years ago. Avocado plants are evidently hard to grow, but, so far, this thing has slowly grown like a champ, even under less than ideal conditions. It now towers over my son. And we hadn't even noticed. What if our little seed had grown impatient and decided that it simply wasn't worth the time it took to become a tree? Nature is full of lessons.

    So. Note to self: Remember to take everything in. Be present. Be patient with yourself and with your path. You will reap the benefits of the fruit, but first you need to let those roots grow strong. All great things require time, persistence, and patience. Chin up. Calm down. Dance around.

    I freaking love them. XOXOX


    I've decided to start this blog series for a couple of reasons. 1) People really hate on Monday; and 2) We could all use some inspiration.

    As my 8 year old friends and I used to say back in the day, "it's a free country." Life is what you make it. The Man may do many things you don't agree with, but no one but you can make the decision to stick with something you hate for the rest of your life. We have options. We make choices and our choices become our lives. At the ripe age of 18,  we are given the freedom to compose our own lives. We blaze our own trails and build our own futures. If you hate Monday, or any day of the week for that matter, your hatred stems from a negative association. Monday is your punching bag. It's psychological. If you dread what lies before you, set a plan into action and CHOOSE to CHANGE IT. Don't let excuses rule your life. Stay positive, be patient, keep your goals on the front burner, and you will see your dreams into fruition... I promise. Now quit your whinin and get to steppin.

    That being said, my point isn't really to try and change your view of Monday. That's a come to jesus moment that you have to have with yourself. I'm simply doing this in the hopes that I may create a momentary diversion from  the stress that Monday brings. There are so many influential people around us creating and doing. Whether it be a person, a place, an object, or something as abstract as a idea, I'm seeking out all things beautifying in the hopes that I, along with you, will remember that inspiration is all around us. We just have to open our eyes to see it.

    For more daily stimulation, please visit my dear friend Rea Frey's amazing blog: The Balanced Life. Rea is an extremely motivating writer and lives the life she advises. She is one of the most inspiring people I know and I'm incredibly grateful to have her in my life.

    WHAT INSPIRES YOU? If you have something important to say and would like to be featured on "Inspire Me Mondays", please contact me at I would LOVE to hear from you and so would everyone else!