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    One of my bestest friends on the planet finally gave birth to the sweetest little nugget. World, meet Luna Penelope Collins. Marz and Doug, I couldn't be more giddy for you. She is a magical little creature. I'm in love and out of words..... 

    P.S. I cannot believe I won't be here to see Luna on a daily basis. You have to talk about me at least once a day so she doesn't forget me. I love you guys!


    Danika is such a dear, dear friend of mine. I've been photographing her and her firstborn, Liston, for 5 years now. They are very special to me. On June 5th at 6:31pm, Danika and Jimmie welcomed a gorgeous little man into the world. Meet Aadyn Ahanu James Allen. He's absolutely perfect. I can't wait to watch him grow and develop into what I know will be an amazing human being. Wanna see more? To view Danika's maternity session click HERE

    Jimmie, I watched you gracefully slip into your role as a first time parent during our shoot. When Aadyn hit your arms and heard your sweet singing voice, he chilled right out. Aadyn is a gift and is lucky to have you. Treasure him. I jacked the following quote from your facebook page. It sums up the pure excitement you felt when you first saw Aadyn:

    "Words can't express the amount of love and emotion that came over me when the doctors placed him in my arms. His little eyes opened and the first person he saw was me "Dad" looking back at him. I have never known a love like this. This boy has stolen my heart. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life giving him all I have. He WILL!! love all things DISNEY!!!!!" - Jimmie Allen (Daddy)



    Meet 8 week old Sullivan Bennett. On the day of our shoot, Sully made a decision that he was way too cool for naps. That being said, we didn't get any super sleepy, typical newborn shots (he's too old for that stuff anyway). What we did capture was Sully as he was on that day. A partly happy, mostly sleepy, slightly grumpy, but totally adorable little ball of sweetness. His older brother Ollie stole the show, flashing me those baby blues and showing off his soccer skills. It's been 2 whole years since I've seen this kid. It's amazing how fast time flys and life evolves. The last time we met I was photographing his naked little behind, all curled up, as two brand new parents smiled lovingly at the new life they had just created. Fast forward and here they are doing it again. And hopefully again and again. ;) 

    Julie and Jamie, thank you again for inviting me into your home to photograph you and your boys. Julie, maybe the next one will look a little bit like you. :) 

    Want to see more of this sweet family and how it all began? To view Julie's maternity session with older brother Ollie, click HERE. To view Ollie's newborn session, click HERE.


    One of my favorite things about being a photographer is having the privilege of capturing the love between two people, then watching that love multiply as their family grows. Meet Lincoln Callahan. I am a bit behind on my blogging, so these photos were taken nearly 6 months ago! But hey, cuteness never gets old. Stay tuned for more of this handsome fella.

    To see more Lincoln love, check out his beautiful mama's maternity photo session HERE. Maggie and David, congrats on this little guy!



    Meet brand new baby girl Sylvia and her big brother Judah. So sweet. Sylvia was so into the photo shoot that we couldn't get her to fall sleep. I'm sure she crashed as soon as I left, though. Mama Rachel you and your hubs make some beautiful babies!! Can't wait to watch them grow!


    When my sister Jamie confided in me that she was pregnant with her third child, I didn't know what to think. She was already out numbered having two boys. Her life needed a delicate face and a sweet voice. I got super excited at the prospect that she may be carrying a little princess (and a little terrified that it could very well be another boy!) Because my sister wanted to be surprised at birth, it was 9 months of uneducated guessing from everyone around her. I could not be any more in love with the little person she gave birth to. I finally have a niece in my life! My nephews are amazing and wonderful of course, but adding a girl to the mix balances it all out a bit. :)

    Marilyn Love welcome into our lives! You are a little doll baby. 


    My best friend Rea and her husband Alex recently became parents. These two (now three) are like family to me. Sophie Leona Holguin was born on May 30th after a grueling 52 hour labor. Her birth story is INCREDIBLE and you should read it HERE. Rea is the queen of words so I will save my letters and leave you with my images. Pictured below are Rea, Alex, Sophie, their doula, Stephanie Gordon, grandmama Em, and Neruda. Not picutred: Grandpappy Randy and grandmama Rita; but they loved on her just as much as the rest of us!!

    How fantastic is Sophie's nursery?! I want to live in that room. 

    Rea and Alex: Witnessing Sophie's labor/birth meant the world to me. I am so very proud and in awe of everything you went through to bring your little girl into this world and I'm continuously inspired by your perspective. Sophie is an amazing little soul. She's perfect. You are remarkable parents already.

    Stephanie: You literally saved the day. Rea could not have done it without you and Alex. It was so wonderful getting to know you over that two day period. You are such a calm presence. Thank you for helping my bestest friend bring her child into this world as naturally as she possibly could. You fought for her when she was too tired to even breathe. I'm amazed by what you do and really hope our paths cross again in the future.

    Sophie: You kindly take after your mama and your daddy equally. Aunt Nikki LOVES you so so much. You've given me the newborn babe fever. One of these days we WILL live in the same city. And I will spoil you. Until then, I will get to know you over endless converstaions with your mama. xoxo


    Remember the maternity pics I posted a few weeks ago with cute pregnant Julie and her awesome husband Jamie? Well they are adorable and if you didn't catch the blog post a few weeks ago, click here! I'm so glad we took those pictures when we did because this little guy decided to come out early. His name is Oliver Andrew Bennett. And man is he the best thing ever. I fell in love with his dark complexion and sweet little face. Not sure he feels the same way, but time will tell. Oliver, you sir are one lucky little man. Jamie and Julie, congratulations on your job well done :)