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    This session was sooo much fun for me. Why, you ask??

    First off, I've been photographing Liston since he was in his mama's womb. He's a nut. He LIVES for showing out, which is good for my lens. He recently turned 5 years old. I can't believe he's five. I'm so grateful to have been there to document him throughout the years. We've done a photo shoot for every milestone (way to be on top of these mama Danika!). HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING, FUNNIEST LITTLE PEOPLE I KNOW!!

    Secondly, Danika is preggers with baby number two!! Another little glitter throwin, move bustin, sassy little cutie for me to take pictures of. I'm so excited (both for her and Liston, and also for myself) and cannot wait to meet the new little dude. Her maternity photos are only the beginning. :)

    P.S. Danika, you are freaking FLAWLESS! Look at that pretty belly. No retouching of skin in any of these photos. You, my friend, are so completely radiant and beautiful, inside and out. I'm lucky to have you and your boy(s) in my world. LOVE YOU GUYS! XOXO


    Last year I photographed David and Maggie as an engaged couple. The wedding has come and gone and they are now expecting their first child! It's crazy how fast life moves forward. For this shoot, we used beautiful Radnor Lake as our backdrop. Radnor is probably one of my most favorite locations in Nashville. It's such a peaceful spot to hike, think, and just breathe.

    David and Maggie, you two are beautiful together. Maggie, you are flawless! Cannot wait to meet your little one soon!! 


    Meet Julie and Jamie Bennett. They are cute as cute can be. Julie is pregnant (obviously) and due around the end of August. We had so much fun taking these pictures! We met up at Jamie's parents home out in Gallatin. They have a beautiful back yard so that's mostly where we shot. Jamie and Julie laughed throughout the shoot and made my job incredibly easy. They have so much love and respect for one another. It's very sweet and completely refreshing.

    Jamie and Julie: You guys are stupidly amazing together and will be incredible parents. I can't wait to meet your little man soon!


    Remember Rea and Alex from last year's An Urban Love Story? Well, they're preggers! Little Sophie is due around the end of May and I am OVER THE MOON excited to meet her!! I should tell you that Rea has been my bestie since middle school, just so you don't think I'm a weirdo. We've got history together. Rea and Alex are like family to me and watching them begin this new phase of life has made me so happy. I cannot wait to meet/kiss/squeeze/laugh at/spoil this child!

    Let's chat about Rea and her flawless body for a hot second. I just feel the need to give her perfectly taut bump and strong lean legs a shout out. Rea is in impeccable shape and deserves some credit. She is a plant eater and a lover of fitness. She listens to her body's cues. She is also an amazing writer. One of her blogs, My Veggie Baby, is a great resource for anyone wanting to get healthy, but I've found it especially helpful for expectant mamas. It's full of witty stories, recipes, and helpful links. Check it out.

    Behind any good woman is an amazing man. For Rea, that man is Alex. Alex is the gentle soul. He is the calm one. I cannot imagine Rea without Alex. Or Alex without Rea. They compliment one another like woah. They are best friends. They communicate like crazy. For these reasons, they will make an amazing parenting team. Sophie is one lucky soul.

    Rea and Alex: I love you both so very much and cannot wait to meet Sophie Leona! She will enrich your lives beyond belief. You will laugh, cry, scream, pray - and all of it will make your love and appreciation for one another deepen.

    Sophie: I cannot wait to hold you in my arms! Aunt Nik Nik loves you to pieces! Get ready. xoxo