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    Today was one of those drizzly overcast days (which I happen to LOVE) that are best spent wandering aimlessly about. I spent a few hours out at The Factory in Franklin, waiting for a client to arrive. As I walked around the exterior of the building, I was surprised by all of the goodness I found to photograph. If you’ve never taken notice of all of the unforeseen beautiful little parts that make up The Factory, go visit and pay attention. I love all of the old textures and random set ups. Both indoors and out. I only got my camera out for a few minutes, and I only took a few shots outside, but the inside of The Factory is pretty neat too.


    Last weekend I hopped in a swanky rental car (well, swanky for me) and headed south to Oxford, Mississippi to photograph a wedding. I had never been to Oxford and was looking forward to driving through the countryside and relaxing in my down time. I had the luxury of being set up in an elegant French inspired bed and breakfast called "The Z", where I stuffed my face with all sorts of yummy homemade awesomeness (gigantic homemade cinnamon rolls smothered in warm maple frosting, vermont white cheddar grits, homemade biscuits with gravy....ugh!) and enjoyed a massive bed all to myself. The Z is one of the most charming places I've ever stayed in. It is co-owned by two young sisters who are living out their dream. I fell in love with all of the muted tones, rich decor (chandeliers everywhere), and overall warm hospitality at the Z. In fact, I may be headed back to Oxford in the near future, just to stay in this wonderland again (afterall, I  didn't do much sight seeing this time around).

    If you ever need a weekend getaway, I highly recommend the short drive (if in TN) to Oxford, and a stay at the Z! I give it way more than 5 stars. Check out their site at

    Tell me you don't LOVE this place already??