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    I met up with Annalee and Rob in Kingston Springs,TN at the Narrows of the Harpeth, where Annalee grew up camping and fishing with her family as a child. It was the perfect backdrop for these two. Annalee and Rob are getting married later this fall, so we wanted to incorporate some of the natural elements that will be included on their wedding day. The location itself was dear to Annalee's heart and so perfectly fit the both of them. That rock they are standing on? A childhood friend of Annalee caught her first fish from that rock. I'm a sucker for meaningful locations. 

    Annalee, you are such a beauty! Rob, you were a trooper and are so ruggedly handsome! It's been so fantastic getting to know you both! I'm super stoked about photographing your wedding day. You make the sweetest team.  XOXO 

    Hair and makeup by the ALWAYS incredible Marz Makeup & Hair.