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    Meet 8 week old Sullivan Bennett. On the day of our shoot, Sully made a decision that he was way too cool for naps. That being said, we didn't get any super sleepy, typical newborn shots (he's too old for that stuff anyway). What we did capture was Sully as he was on that day. A partly happy, mostly sleepy, slightly grumpy, but totally adorable little ball of sweetness. His older brother Ollie stole the show, flashing me those baby blues and showing off his soccer skills. It's been 2 whole years since I've seen this kid. It's amazing how fast time flys and life evolves. The last time we met I was photographing his naked little behind, all curled up, as two brand new parents smiled lovingly at the new life they had just created. Fast forward and here they are doing it again. And hopefully again and again. ;) 

    Julie and Jamie, thank you again for inviting me into your home to photograph you and your boys. Julie, maybe the next one will look a little bit like you. :) 

    Want to see more of this sweet family and how it all began? To view Julie's maternity session with older brother Ollie, click HERE. To view Ollie's newborn session, click HERE.