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    This session was sooo much fun for me. Why, you ask??

    First off, I've been photographing Liston since he was in his mama's womb. He's a nut. He LIVES for showing out, which is good for my lens. He recently turned 5 years old. I can't believe he's five. I'm so grateful to have been there to document him throughout the years. We've done a photo shoot for every milestone (way to be on top of these mama Danika!). HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING, FUNNIEST LITTLE PEOPLE I KNOW!!

    Secondly, Danika is preggers with baby number two!! Another little glitter throwin, move bustin, sassy little cutie for me to take pictures of. I'm so excited (both for her and Liston, and also for myself) and cannot wait to meet the new little dude. Her maternity photos are only the beginning. :)

    P.S. Danika, you are freaking FLAWLESS! Look at that pretty belly. No retouching of skin in any of these photos. You, my friend, are so completely radiant and beautiful, inside and out. I'm lucky to have you and your boy(s) in my world. LOVE YOU GUYS! XOXO