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    So I suppose most proposals are a "surprise" for the bride-to-be, but this one was extra special. Ryan's older sis, Brynn Marie is a dear friend of mine. She recently played a pretty major show at the Ryman to which her entire family came from the Pittsburg, PA area to see. She filled me in on Ryan's sweet plan to propose to Andrea here in Nashville at Maggiano's. To add another element of suprise, Ryan had convinced Andrea's family to come to Nashville for the occasion as well. We all arrived at Maggiano's before the two lovebirds and kept our distance. After Ryan's quick proposal (in his excitement, he proposed before they even ordered appetizers), he led Andrea into the next room where 25 of their closest family members and friends awaited them. There were so many sweet moments and happy tears. These two are so lovely together and have such an amazing support system around them. Here are a few candid images from the day.