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    Jamie and Zach are one of the cutest couples I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. I knew the pair through a mutual friend, but had never spent time with them together. When Jamie emailed me to tell me that she and Zach were engaged and needed photos to make it official, I was stoked!

    Our shoot took place in downtown Nashville. As I watched the two interact I couldn't help but "awwww" to myself. I mean Zach played guitar for this girl, gave her piggy back rides just for fun, fed her a hot dog, and even let her drink most of his coca-cola. The boy is definitely relationship material. And he definitely loves his Jamie. And who wouldn't?? The girl's even hot while inhaling hot dogs (insert immature comment here.) I had so much fun traipsing around the city with these two. Big shout out to the hot dog stand guy!

    Congrats on your enagement guys! I know you will live happily, musically, and deliciously ever after. 

    Hair and Makeup Master: Marz Makeup and Hair (doesn't Jamie's makeup/hair look flawless!? Marzie is a beauty wizard.)