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    Chris and Liz are engaged to be married this coming October. Liz is a creative Nashville native; Chris is a sweet, hard working man from North Carolina. Marz Makeup and I met up with these two lovebirds at their cute eclectic little home in Nashville. Marz worked her magic on Liz and she looked stunning! Sidenote: I loved Liz's shoes and took waaaay too many photos of them. I'm not apologizing. Chris and Liz love Nashville, so naturally the Bicentennial Mall area with all of its Tennessee history was a fantastic place for us to begin shooting. They are very passionate about Jeni's ice cream as well. So round two of our shooting lead us to this amazing ice cream joint in a cute little strip in East Nashville. Liz got a scoop of "Lemon and Blueberries" and Chris decided on the "Whisky and Pecans." Marz and I were good girls (double sigh) and didn't partake in the fun this go around, but we will definitely be hitting up Jeni's in the near future. What I learned about these two crazy kids? For one, they love cats and enjoy watching the Animal Planet series. Secondly, they are an incredibly great fit for one another

    Chris and Liz: We had SUCH a fun time with you two! Thank you for being awesome and making our jobs so easy (and yummy!). I know your future together will be filled with happiness, love, magical rainbows, and potentially more cats. :)