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    Meet my gorgeous friends Chris and Starr, and their stylish kids, Phoenix (age 3) and Ameryn (age 7). We met up in Hillsboro Village and the fun times began! This was sort of a three part shoot. Part one took place near Dragon Park. We basically let the kids run loose and just followed their lead, forcing them to stop on occasion to get a few “normal” shots in. They acted appropriately…making faces and showing off. After 30 minutes or so, it got ridiculously hot and we headed to Hot and Cold for some yummy paletas. Voila, now we have part two! Brightly colored popcicles and chocolate faces made for some ridiculously fun images! (Chris and Starr, you’re kinda adorable too!) The last part of our shoot was for adults only. The kids were scooped up and taken away. We walked around and looked for random pops of color and cool textures. After 20 minutes or so, we ditched the modeling and headed for Jackson’s Bar and Bistro for drinks. These ladies are badass.  They are strong, independent, and successful. They also both happen to possess some pretty killer mama skills. You ladies are awesome and i’m lucky to have you as friends. xoxo