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    I am proud to say that this beautiful little thing is related to me. Meet Princess Presley Ruth Singleton. She isn't mine, but I wish she was!! Her first birthday party was held at a local park on a gorgeous fall day. She was surrounded by dozens of doting relatives, several of which came all the way from Mississippi. Presley maintained her happy disposition throughout the course of her purple-princess themed party. Despite having an awful ear infection, this sweet baby only cried once (and that was only because she had rubbed a handful of icing into her eyeballs!) Her first birthday party was a hit!

    Presley, although you cannot read, you are precious and I love you! I am honored to have been a part of your big day. Also, you win the award for "most chill baby alive"....CONGRATULATIONS! It's official.

    Crystal and Rodney...if I have a third child any time soon, you can thank yourselves for giving me baby fever.