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    Female model: Rachel Roddick

    Male model: Ezra Carey

    Bartender: Mitch Scheuermann

    Hair/MUA: *Marz Makeup and Hair

    Floral and Event Design: *Reveal Event Style and Art Dog Production Company

    Venue: *The McConnell House

    Bridal Gown: Watters Bridal

    Bride's Shoes and Clutch: Capezio and Anthropologie

    Groom's and Bartender's Attire: *American Tuxed0

    Invitations: *Designs in Paper

    Cake: *Silver Box CakeDesigns

    Alcohol Bottles: Corsair Artisan Distillery

    *Contributing vendor courtesy of Wedding 101

    Nikki McFadden: "The theme of this styled wedding shoot was originally inspired by the hit series "Mad Men". As I researched the 50's,  I was particularly drawn to the roles that both men and women played into in order to maintain a "happy household." My intention with the bride and groom was to create multi-faceted characters. The couple is playing along with society's rules, but with discernible rebellion. Our bride is enticed by her groom, but bored with his expectations of domesticity. Our groom is a strong silent moneymaker, but is also passionate about his lady."

    Marz Makeup: "I drew my inspiration for the bride's makeup and hair directly from the show Mad Men. I followed the makeup and hairstyles of Christina Hendricks who plays Joan Harris in the show in conjunction with studying various makeup and hairstyles of the era."

    Reveal Event Style: "As an Event Designer,  Jennifer E. Milam of Reveal Event Style, approachs every creative project with the same philosophy... we are not just creating pretty parties or weddings, we are contributing to the heritage of how people of every generation entertain and how that reflects us as a civilization. Just as we view fashion or interior/architectural design which denotes particular eras, so doe the way in which we entertain. Which is why the "Mad-Men" photo shoot with Nikki McFadden was one I could not pass up! With a back ground in set decorating for television and film this fed so many of my natural instincts when designing per a particular style to truly capture the feel of this place in time when men were dashing and ladies were effortlessly polished (Kudos Marz!) - a little idealistic with a splash of vermouth! The scene was set in McConnel House with little more needed than a few props and floral details to convey this particular wedding look... the martini was a defined feature to any proper cocktail party set in the 1960's so detailing with just the right stemware and bar accoutremont was first on the list. Then the flowers, which I studied the bridal bouquets of epic brides such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor as well as the common brides of the '60's. What I discovered was simplicity, highend but understated floral selections, a few embellishments mostly tufts of tulle flourishes and minimal mechanics to complete the craft. The gentleman's choice not necessarily in keeping with  the tradition of an element from the brides bouquet, was most often a single white carnation. The song " White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation" kept running through my mind! But as it were this was the going trend and that is how we kept it! The table setting was also in keeping with the times. Very classic and proper nothing diverting to a convey the couple's personality but solidarity to good manners and all around good taste. Flowers again were simple and neat. Conservative floral selections set in beautiful heirloom crystal would have been the choice for any proper bride of that day. How pleased we were that the flash of red in the Peruvian Lilies perfectly complimented the invitation set on the pressed glass accent plate! Along with these traditions, was veiled with the sultry smoke from an elegant cigarette poised over a classic typewriter as a nervous groom mills over his written vows. When you have the right vendors collaborating nothing is impossible!
    How we would love to add in the savvy of a client's personality into this look! We were so thrilled to be a part of this particular shoot! Thank you so much Nikki!