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    Meredith Mingione is enchanting. When she first contacted me about doing a fashion inspired lifestyle shoot, I was pumped! Although we hadn't yet met in person (Meredith lives in Cleveland) I could tell that she had killer sense of style. When she finally got into town, we met up with our mutual friend (and super talented MUA)  Marz Makeup and Hair,  and discussed our ideas over coffee. We chose to shoot in Hendersonville, near Drake's Creek. The location provided the perfect blend of scenery that we needed, we just had to bring the style. Meredith nailed it. She balanced grace with the perfect amount of sexy. The end result? Flawlessness.

    I will close with a quote that I stole off of Meredith's facebook page. I think it sums up her sensual style and coy personality quite perfectly.

    "A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you." - Françoise Sagan


    Model: Meredith Mingione

    Agency: The Talent Group

    MUA and Hair: Marz Makeup and Hair

    Wardrobe provided by: Meredith Mingione