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    This past Saturday, Marz Makeup and I hosted another successful day of mini makeover sessions at Wedding101. Each of the participating brides walked away with a pre-consult, a full face makeover, and a swag bag full of goodies. On top of that, their names were entered into a raffle to win a free engagement shoot, complete with makeup and hair! Marz did a flawless job, as usual. These ladies had such gorgeous naked faces to begin with, but Marz has a way of knowing exactly how to enhance a girl's natural beauty without taking it too far. No woman wants to walk down the aisle looking like something straight off of "Jersey Shore." No sir. Most women just want to slightly exaggerate the beautiful features they already have, which can be tricky if you, like me, haven't really had much of an education in makeup. Most of us do what we are comfortable with, not necessarily what looks best on us.

    To the participating brides: We know you are all crazy busy with  life and wedding planning and we are so grateful you chose to spend part of your Saturday with us! Marz and I had so much fun! We loved how confident each and every one of you were. Any woman that allows a photographer to shoot her bare-faced is a bold woman. You all deserve some extra loving from those future grooms tonight. xoxo

    Check out these gorgeous faces! From top to bottom: Andrea, Hilary (MoH), Liz, Megan